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XSTREAM 2000® is totally safe for human contact. Our patented process does not depend on oxidisers, ozone, chemicals, aqueous hydrogen peroxide or special coatings to destroy its prey. Human cells are much larger and are unaffected by the “smart bomb” attacks.

This is true even when encountering patients with compromised immune systems. Rather, it provides pro-active protection for all patients and staff through eco-friendly technology.

What is very promising is that any enclosed facility used by the general public will benefit from clean air and practical use. Those providing services across the spectrum of medical care; in-patient, short-term treatment or serious illnesses, long-term care for the elderly, or daytime care to young children will benefit especially, secure in the knowledge that they are working within and treating those in their care, in a bacteria and virus clean environment, 24/7/365.

In 2016 The British Medical Journal (BMJ) investigated the capacity of NHS Hospitals to monitor quality in Infection Prevention And Control (IPC), against a EU Framework, the data available and data submitted. This suggested that staff played a critical part in data collection and provision.
The Abstract conclusion being, “For effective patient safety and infection prevention in English hospitals, routine and proactive approaches need to be developed.”

XSTREAM 2000® provides a safe space for this approach to become the norm; driving costs to care downwards, improved management of data and reporting.  All facilities can become “Proactively”, effective and Infection Free.