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XSTREAM 2000® Dramatically

  • Reduces costs to treat Infections by destroying disease causing pathogens entirely from treatment areas and wards and operating theatres, in fact any enclosed area up to 8000 square feet.
  • Reduces the impact of ward and room closures.
  • Eliminates need to seal with tape the doors to ward entrances and entire areas within hospitals to be cleaned.
  • Eliminates the need for patients to be disturbed and moved to safe areas, impacting on their recovery.
  • Improves the access of nursing staff delivering vital care to patients.
  • Dramatically reduces the use of Antibiotics, as patients are no longer in areas infected with pathogens for them to catch

Overall?  The reduction in costs to treat the patient, the reduction in costs of drugs, the improved nursing hours through consistent patient access, the recovery of patients in shorter time frames, the freeing up of bed space, the reduction in staff illness and the reductions in overall operating costs of the healthcare organisation are huge.

XSTREAM 2000® is the CFO’s best friend with a lightning fast ROI of 1 month.