The Delivery System – Natural Cluster Ions Air Flow

/The Delivery System – Natural Cluster Ions Air Flow
The Delivery System – Natural Cluster Ions Air Flow2019-02-21T12:47:59+01:00

Natural air flow, also known as TIDAL AIR) contains both positive & negative (+/-) ions in equal amounts at sea level, providing natural pathogenelimination.  Air within enclosed areas such as wards and operating theatres, kitchens and day care centres, has drastically reduced the amounts of these ions.  This is providing a feeding ground for pathogens to live in as the balance of ions needed to kill pathogens is substantially reduced.

Surface cleaning lacks the effects needed to keep ahead of harmful pathogens so that they continue to thrive in this “dead air”.

What is the solution?. . . The solution is to recreate the valuable “Lost” ions that exist in the natural outside environment. XSTREAM 2000® Infection Control’s innovative process recreates these positive and negative ions safely and deploys them where they needed most numbering in the billions per minute, millions per second.

“We have known for years that existing ion technology eliminates harmful pathogen and viruses but lacks an effective delivery system that fully addresses the needs of the health care industry,” said James L. Beauchamp, Chairman of the Board of Directors of XSTREAM Infection Control. “Now we have the technology to do so.”

XSTREAM 2000® units eject a continuous stream of balanced (+ & -) ions into the air.  These immediately go to work killing existing pathogens, the Cluster Ion containing air flow then continues to safeguard the treated area against the introduction of new pathogens.

It continues to do this twenty-four hours a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

XSTREAM 2000® Technology raises the Bar and Standard of Care, providing an airflow that naturally kills pathogens stopping infections entirely.