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United Kingdom and Ireland Partnership

XSTREAMUK Infection Control UK Ltd

  • September 27 2018 – Incorporation of XSTREAMUK IC Infection Control Limited a United Kingdom Company Number 11592101
  • Partnered with USA Company October 2018
  • Sponsored leading UK Infection Prevention and Control Conference at The Brewery Montcalm Hotel London.

United States of America

  • December 31, 2011 – Incorporation of XSTREAM Infection Control, LLC a Florida corporation (ID No.L12000159541)
  • Antimicrobial Laboratory Testing in Austin, Texas, under Dr. Benjamin Tanner – 2013 through 2014
  • Partnered with the Knowles Charitable Foundation continued specialised validation for the benefit of Cooper University Medical Centre.
  • Prototype / Testing May 2014 thru May 2017 at the University of Arizona – Mel and Enid Zuckerman Labs under Dr. Kelly Reynolds, PhD


XSTREAM2000® eliminates pathogens and sanitises surfaces throughout any indoor area through the use of Cluster Ions.  Mobile, wall-mounted and stand-alone units are strategically placed to attack and destroy dangerous pathogens in your most vulnerable locations.

This microbial CONTROL is measurable and one of the keys to patient safety.

XSTREAM Infection Control has worked with scientists and developed independent systems to destroy pathogens on contact and solve the problem of clean and appropriate environments.  Through research performed at two internationally-renowned testing centres over the last five years, with published results in peer reviewed articles, XSTREAM has produced environmental control units that can make facilities virtually bacteria free 24/7/365.


Giving Back Environmental CONTROL to any facility using it.



To dramatically improve the safety of healthcare environments in all facilities and lowering the costs of care by continuously reducing microbes and the risk of deadly infections that they bring.  

Without using chemicals, UVX or copper coating

OR creating noxious gases or ozone

whilst ensuring nursing and patient care are uninterrupted.

The team at XSTREAMIC UK Ltd guarantee measurable results in your facility.

XSTREAM Infection Control’s Next Generation Technology was developed to dramatically improve the Standard of Care in health care facilities by continuously reducing deadly microbes and the risk of infections.

Our system poses no danger to human health and compliments existing cleaning protocols, patients remain in the locations, meaning cost savings on closures and hydrogen peroxide gas systems.

The XSTREAM Infection Control system is not an air filter or an air purification system. The XSTREAM system creates 16.4 billion ions per minute through its patent-pending reactor core.