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XSTREAM 2000® Next Generation Technology was developed to dramatically improve the Standard of Care in health care facilities by continuously reducing deadly microbes and the risk of infections.  Clean hand regimens are just part of an extensive and expanding policy.

Every Facility should have their own Infection Control Teams who bring focus and energy to the challenges, on-going debates, knowledge sharing and best practice. Sadly the battle against pathogens is only set to continue as they transform and become resistant to antibiotics.

The effectiveness of the freestanding XSTREAM 2000® Infection Control Device is based on particle physics and the continuous generation of Cluster Ions with positive and negative charges.  Over 16 Billion Cluster Ion are created per minute, every minute, 24/7/365.

  • XSTREAM 2000® gives Control over Pathogens.  Facilities will become proactive as opposed to reactive towards the safety of its patients/residents and employees.

  • XSTREAM 2000® does not produce or require toxic chemical elements nor does it produce any chemicals or Ozone.

  • XSTREAM 2000® operates 24/7/365 to deliver constant bacteria elimination.

  • XSTREAM 2000® unit capacity is effective over 8,000 square feet.

  • XSTREAM 2000® is virtually maintenance free with the reactor core replaced every 2 years.

  • XSTREAM 2000® is available on lease at very competitive terms compared to other technologies and human resources.

XSTREAM 2000® is the most powerful, deployable and cost-effective technology available to confront the crisis of healthcare associated infections.