XSTREAM Infection Control

An epidemic of bacterial and viral infections exists in our hospitals, in our care homes and clinics, killing thousands of people every year.

And yet relatively few people are talking about this, even as a leading cause of death.

XStream 2000 Infection Control can stop it in less than 6 hours.

No other company can make that claim.

XSTREAM Infection Control.

Out Patient Clinics & A&E Departments

Procedures performed in outpatient settings are often invasive and carry risks of infection.  Patients arrive into A&E Departments from all types of environments including building sites, sports facilities, offices, road traffic accidents and kitchens.   These patients, (unlike general admissions), are not tested for Pathogens prior to admission and subsequently can bring diseases into Hospitals unknowingly.

Staff and Visitors also carry infections into these environments.

Care Homes, Assisted Living Facilities & Hospices

Elderly and infirm Care Residents can present often complex conditions and rapidly changing infections, such as bed sores, to those providing care.  Complex conditions often include In-dwelling renal and/or urinary catheters, bowel and bladder infections, along with injuries sustained in knocks to hands and hips broken due to trips or falls.

All of these can lead to secondary infections taking hold and rapidly altering the direction of care for the patient, the costs to care for the patient and as is often the case, a bed required on a ward in our already very busy NHS.

XSTREAM 2000® Infection Control eliminates pathogens

XSTREAM 2000® has completed over 5 years of testing in two renowned facilities, the results have been peer reviewed and published in The American Journal of Infection. 

XSTREAM 2000® is a 4th generation advanced infection control system that operates

24/7/365 for continuous killing of bacteria and viruses.


Operating 24/7/365 is proven to continuously destroy Bacteria and Pathogens in the Air, on Clothes, Fomites and Surfaces.

XSTREAM 2000 Series

Reduces the risks associated with Transplant Surgery and other complex procedures, providing reassurance to the patient.

XSTREAM 2000 Series

Kills bacteria without the use of hazardous chemicals, deadly gases or harmful UV rays, without disrupting daily routines

XSTREAM 2000 Series

Will hugely reduce antibiotic use, the costs of Surgery and the risks to patients with urinary or venal catheters and those on Dialysis.

XSTREAM 2000 Series

Cluster Ion technology places Environmental Control in the hands of Healthcare facilities, reassuring staff and patients.


Penetrates and destroys C-Diff, MRSA, MSSA, E-Coli instantly, upon contact. XSTREAM has an effective range of 8000 square feet.

Our Mission – To Save Lives

XSTREAM 2000® Infection Control is Next Generation Technology developed to improve the standard of care for all patients, throughout the NHS and Private Healthcare Facilities, and beyond across many differing market segments such as GP Surgeries, Dental Surgeries, Dialysis Units etc.  

It succeeds in its aim by continuously reducing the number of deadly pathogens.  

Sadly these pathogens are now commonly know names, such as C Difficle, E Coli, MRSA, The Winter Vomiting Bug and other hard to eradicate diseases which are often difficult to treat and can kill.  

The team at XSTREAM Infection Control guarantees measurable results in any facility. Our system does not use any dangerous chemicals, UVX or copper coatings, poses no danger to human health and compliments existing cleaning protocols.

XSTREAM Infection Control provides Control over Pathogens

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